Casper (xthe_ugly_organ) wrote in my_mirror_kills,

New songs from me


Stealing the Last Day of my life

The feeling deep inside of me

Brings your ghost back to life

These past few months i've been down

Everyday my brain is racked

Trying to help others instead of helping myself

The only think i do, is cry myself to sleep

So many thoughts running through my mind

time goes by so quickly

somedays i feel so evil

so evil, i could kill

Each pill means perfection

Trying so hard to be perfect, like you

You have the power to change me, but when will i ever have the power to change you?

This gun is my solution

My solution to you

Where will we go from here?

Most likely nowhere

This ride hasn't been that much fun

but you sit back and laugh anyway

I wish i could rip that smile right off your face

wishing my life away

throwing my life away

I don't think I'll ever be the same, now

now, since your finally, gone

I'll lay myself to sleep

I'll try to erase your image

the image of you laying face down

bleeding on the floor



" The Umbrella of Wonders"

Hello, my love

where are you now?

what are you doing?

I wish I knew where you slept at night

Tell me just what you think, when i come to mind

The stars will fall to the sound of your voice

Let me in, Let me in

Are you listening?

I want to love you

I want to hate me

but its only in my dreams

The rain is falling to the beat of your heart

everyday it just gets faster

we'll draw these lines and say that

were lying, lying to you


" The World Endings"

Hello ungrateful-

talking words that don't mean shit to me

will you ever learn your lesson?

you keep the world up all night.

secretly keeping your words tight

so cryptic in your own selfish way.

Hello unwanted-

trying to discourage me in everyway

testing my patience

you barely know me, so hypocritical

Hello unintelligent-

the paranoia thats inside

the words that you choke on

everything that you can't say

Hello unloving-

I will teach you to be stronger

work up the confidence to love

make you less afraid of shattered hopes


"Trigger of Relief"

I hate you all

Self-Absorbed Filthy Whores

Wanting one thing

Taking what you can't have

Grab the gun, pull the trigger

your blood spills

Covering everyones legs

Tortured pains of your face

it all comes down to

down to this

me hating you, all of you

the world will never revolve around you

you do things that make me want to slit your throat

slit your throat all over yourself

making this the best day ever

your death

your death

your death

just remember to look over your shoulder at all times

one day i will be there waiting with a knife



"The Crown Of Your Death"

Razors from all around

cutting me one by one

it has all been done before

tears of pain, pain from you

so many things you can never fucking undo

your impossible to talk to

all the words have been so cryptic

and you know that you don't get to me

i'm half-way there, wanting more, wanting more

your mind is so obscure


"Your Alive"

You always feed off of other peoples pain

is that what makes you feel alive?

you need to destroy me

you destroy me everyday

your thoughts are so recurring, so confusing

i'm gonna laugh when you fall, laugh when you fall

your always wanting what you can't have

one day you will fail after all

the glass hits my fist

blood smears onto me

you don't get to me, you never will

your happiness is never real, never from you

the spike in your heart is so cold

i'll shatter your dreams of ever being

the wicked words that fade from you

so these are my words dedicated to you

you're nobody

you will never be somebody

go on and keep destroying others

you will die in the end


"enemy of hearts"

i'm dazed in rage

just thinking of you

who the hell let you out of your cage?

you're always testing me

just to see if you can anger me

why can you see, you don't get to me

you've always been a nobody

pretending to be dead

you'll never be that somebody

your theories of love

were never good enough

you lie just so others confide in you

you take someones happiness

you rip it from them

just so you can be happy

you're a selfish fool

playing games with a conceded identidy

you've always been a hypocrite

your a recurring piece of hell

you backstabber, fucking little hope grabber

i will sell you death right out of the palm of of my

"Who am I now"

- I am the sun in the sky

The one you wish you could put out

shining so bright,

who could try me now?

- I am the shadow in the dark

The one you wish you couldn't see

being so evil

who could kill me now?

- I am the rain falling on your window pane

the one you wish you couldn't feel

so slow, clear and plain

who could trust me now?

- I am the one with the changes

the one you wish you could convince

the same but yet so different

who could be my friend now?

- I am the bullet in the gun

the one you wish you could stop

fast,painful yet loving

who could stop me now?


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